August 10, 2018

August 10, 2018


This week, saw the culmination of an extremely important event – Senate Elections at DPSI! Candidates for various senate positions presented their speeches in the school auditorium. After much passionate campaigning that saw interesting and innovative strategies employed by all the candidates trying to woo us voters, we finally went to elections on Friday, August 10, 2018! Check out our smiling faces after we had exercised our right to vote!

ENGLISH: We began the new academic session with exciting and engaging activities that helped us revise our prior learning and various skills. We were introduced to the seemingly complex world of MYP jargon where we became familiar with terms like Global context, Key concepts and Related concepts. We understood the assessment criteria for language and literature and navigated our way through the command terms. To understand this better, we framed questions based on command terms for the story ‘Last Leaf’ by O’Henry. Subsequently, we identified the five basic elements of this story and discussed the theme. With the help of another folk tale, we worked in groups to determine the difference between the theme and moral of a story and eventually wrote an original story based on a theme assigned to each group.


PHYSICS: We started the academic session by reviewing our concepts of graph. We did this by group discussions and an activity where students learned about parts of graph, independent & dependent variables and interpreting and drawing bar and line graphs. We have started with the unit ‘Measurement’ by watching the video on safety tools used in labs. This helped us to become aware of the various safety symbols.

BIOLOGY: We started our academic year by dwelling more on developing skills in science. We learned about scientific method and the different steps of a scientific method.  We watched a video on the same. We also learned about variables, types of variables and did few examples to list the dependent, independent and controlled variables. We started the new unit ‘Building Blocks’. The key concept, global context, statement of inquiry and the inquiry questions were shared, followed by a class discussion.  We referred to few reference books and completed the task the ‘Reading Response’ on characteristics of living and non-living things, life processes and then, summarized this information.

We started our new academic year by enhancing our skills required in Science. We discussed the importance and usage of command terms. We discussed each command term in detail and framed questions using them. We started the new unit in Chemistry, ‘Building Blocks’. The key concept, global context, statement of inquiry and the inquiry questions were shared, followed by a class discussion.  We did a starter activity for the unit. We have presented our understanding about the properties of solids, liquids and gases by doing a role play. We discussed other important properties of the same and completed a task sheet on the same.


We started our journey in Individuals and Societies with a brief introduction to the subject. We enjoyed mapping our understanding of PYP trans disciplinary themes to MYP global contexts and later associated our understanding of global contexts by mapping it to the new topic ‘Knowing Our Ancient Past’. We investigated further into the subject by categorizing various sources of information around us into primary and secondary.

MATH: We started the academic session by reviewing our concepts of previously learned concepts of number system through an activity, ‘My Grocery Shopping’, where we made a balance sheet. We also learned about the command terms and revisited them with the help of a worksheet. We have started with the unit, ‘Number System’ and applying the mathematical operation in real life word problems.


FRENCH: The new academic session began with a lot of excitement for learning French. Some of us have studied French previously in PYP and others have chosen simply because of their interest in this language of love and beauty. This week started off with various ice breaking activities in which we revised the daily conversations of greeting and saying goodbye, playing with numbers, and pronouncing the French alphabets. We played games such as Hangman, Guess My Word to recapitulate our vocabulary as well as had a quiz on the French culture and civilization. Lastly, we learnt how to introduce ourselves by playing a game in which the French teacher gave us various words on cards and we made as many phrases as we could by using them.

HINDI: We shared our summer vacation experiences and discussed about our areas of improvement for the new term, related to language and ATL skills.  We also had various activities like Just A Minute and ‘Pahchan kaun’ in our class which were helpful in developing our communication and collaboration skill. We also read various stories and articles during group reading activities. Under SEL (social and emotional learning), we made cards for our peers which helped us in understanding each other’s skills and positive aspects of personality. We also discussed the essential agreements for our classes. This week, we also had our benchmarking assessments.

SPANISH: Brainstorming and scaffolding skill-based activities were conducted in the class which helped us recall what we have learnt in primary years. We enjoyed role plays based on greetings, farewell and basic introduction.

DIGITAL DESIGN: We started with an interesting activity of watching the movie, ‘Soar’, and identifying design elements in the story. It was fun to do a collaborative task and listen to others’ perspectives. Since design as a subject is new to us, we are learning the basic concepts related to it. In another task, we learnt how to create infographics using ‘‘ and created an infographic on ‘Elements of Game Design’ which is our current unit. We have created our account on ‘‘ and will be using it to design games.

PRODUCT DESIGN: Beginning of a new unit in Design subject is always fun as we will explore new techniques, new products and a new software during the course of this term. We have started with our new unit ‘Introduction to Design Cycle’. Ma’am taught us all the stages of the design cycle and importance of the same in the design world.  We interviewed primary and secondary teachers as our clients and understood their problems. Back in class, we brainstormed the problems and we will do research to find out the solutions.

VISUAL ART:  We have developed an understanding of folk art through various activities and discussions. We have researched on different folk-art elements and have tried to present them in contemporary context by moving away from the conventional ways. We have tried to enhance our skills by understanding how the conventional ways of folk art have changed in the present global perspectives.

PHE: We were introduced to our first unit- ‘Fitness Through Different Sports’ in the class. We were briefed about the importance of exercise in daily routine. We discussed the term physical fitness and the components of physical fitness

 MUSIC:  We had an introduction session where in everybody talked about their interest and knowledge about music so far. We also did a few ice breaking activities that helped them to discover about everybody’s personal interests and unique talents. We learnt the names of different pitches and how to read them like musicians.  We became familiar with the structure of the keyboard, names of all the white and black keys on the keyboard, the staff – which is used by the musicians to notate the written music, Treble clef (G-clef), note names and their placement on the staff. We also studied about the relationships between pitch, frequency, wavelength and tension.

DRAMA: We discussed the concept of folktales in detail. We explored the elements, types, and characteristics of folktales. We tried to create group improvisation based on imaginary stories and watched videos of folktales from various cultures around the world.